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ScreenTalk Oxfordshire, a leading network for Screen Professionals based in Oxfordshire has announced a sponsorship arrangement with SAE Institute, a creative media higher education provider with campuses in Glasgow, Liverpool, London and Oxford.

Dedicated to bringing together Producers and Creatives from TV, Film and Associated Media, ScreenTalk Oxfordshire holds speaker-lead networking events at the Curzon Cinema. These have featured renowned industry professionals including ​Elizabeth Karlsen (Producer of On Chesil Beach, Carol) and Richard Bradley (MD of Lion TV, the UK’s largest independent TV production company).

The events are designed to promote connectedness and foster collaboration. ScreenTalk organisers are tracking outcomes and they are excited about the opportunities being created in the professional space they have facilitated.
The Oxford campus of SAE UK is based in Littlemore Park. SAE teaches 2-year creative media degrees in Audio Production, Digital Film Production and Game Art Animation, boasting an array of graduates who have gone on to secure roles as working professionals and win awards for their work in their respective fields.

The sponsorship arrangement will benefit both parties. SAE UK students will access a range of opportunities such as the chance to chat one-to-one with working professionals and to learn from industry guest speakers. For their part ScreenTalk members will have the opportunity to tap into the SAE student and alumni talent pool for their own film and television projects.

The Creative Industries contribute over £100 billion a year to the UK economy*, with Oxfordshire home to over 3,000 digital and creative businesses alone – a significant and dynamic force within the industry. (*Figures published by the Department for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport)

Shelley Couper, ScreenTalk Oxfordshire Co-Founder & Director said:

“The transition from being a student, to being in work, is hard in any sector but particularly difficult in the screen industry. Experienced ScreenTalk professionals are keen to help those starting out and look forward to sharing practical advice with SAE students.

Open to all in the sector, ScreenTalk has become the place to find the screen crowd in Oxfordshire. The result is greater visibility and improved profile for the local screen industry – we’re starting to get a sense of our dimensions.

The launch of ScreenTalk Oxfordshire has coincided with the launch of other creative sector initiatives – OXISFF, for example – a new international film festival. Compared to a couple of years ago, there is definitely a fuller calendar now for creatives in Oxfordshire. Together we’re making a lot more of ourselves and moving toward “cluster status’”.

Steffan Davies, SAE Managing Director and General Manager said:

“This is a really exciting partnership that allows SAE to further support the local film community through our friends at ScreenTalk Oxfordshire. This will provide valuable opportunities for our students to collaborate with industry professionals via placement opportunities and to hear first-hand from field leading experts through the planned guest speaker talks. It’s great to be able to further contribute to the creative industries sector here in Oxford and throughout the UK.”

Rob Panting – Communications Manager at OxLEP – said: “We are delighted to learn of this new collaboration between SAE Institute and ScreenTalk Oxfordshire and hope it further inspires young people in the county to explore careers in the creative industries sector.

“Creative industries is one of the county’s leading sectors, generating £1.4billion for the Oxfordshire economy each year, which itself equates to around six per cent of our overall annual GVA. It also has the capability to drive forward the UK economy too and collaborations like this really support the county’s ambition to be a global leader in this field.”

With the recent push by the Oxfordshire Local Enterprise Partnership to bring digital and creative industry companies together to enhance the local economy, this new partnership will further reinforce Oxfordshire as a hub of creative talent to rival bigger cities like London.